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Lynsey F
What an incredibly gifted healer. I felt extremely fortunate to receive a deep bodywork and energy work session from Joanna which completely calmed my nervous system and allowed me to fully connect with my body. She easily found the blockages and trauma that I was holding and guided me into surrender. She created a safe container for my feminine energy and expansion. Ladies; if you want to open, transform, heal and grow then I cannot recommend this beautiful woman enough. 

Scott H
I believe Joanna is an angel. Her loving tough and guidance has brought me so much ease into my life after ongoing sessions. I am a life coach myself, and it's very important to have my own coaches to work on my inner growth, she did just that! We've been working together on soul coaching and self love. It's been absolutely incredible. After every session, for about three days after, I feel like I'm walking on a cloud. I couldn't recommend these sessions highly enough. She provides the internal and external support you need to become a better version of you. Do a few sessions with her, it will be the best thing you ever invested in! 

A one of a kind genuine soul! Not only her massage, but her knowledge in all fields are amazing. She taught me about candida and helped implement a diet that worked with my health needs. I truly recommend!

Sim S
I'm a Reiki master myself, and I meet regularly with Joanna and exchange this beautiful energy. I love the fact that she combines Reiki with massage, it feels amazing whenever we have a session together, I'm always looking forward to our next! 

Liz E
Joanna embodies the spirit of the souls deepest intentions to create new neural pathways to inner acceptance and bliss. She has trained in various arts and methods, but her core intuition ultimately guides her sessions to bring out an immense joy and sense of connection.

Todd B
Joanna has an intuitive ability to know what ails you. I went to her with an aching back and she made it better. She knew exactly what to do. She is knowledgeable, expert at her craft and can offer you advice about your body as well as pertinent healthful information about nutrition and wellness. I highly recommend. An experienced professional and a nice person as well. 

Sara S
Joanna is absolutely lovely. Not only is her massage fantastic, but her spiritual, nutritional, and athletic knowledge makes her a natural healer. Her kind and calm demeanor is exactly what you need to slow down in your daily life and take a minute for yourself!

Suzi F
She has a wonderful knack for blending deliciousness and nutrition. She is also awesome at really listening to what your body needs and helping you to set attainable goals to be your best self. I've learned a lot from her as a friend and a healer and you will too! 

Heather P
She's like a "body whisperer" where she can find not just the spot that hurts the most and help it, but also all the other spots that are affected by the initial hurt! Additionally, she is lovely company with a great energy for healing. Highly recommended!!!! 

Raj A
A being made of light, she has very strong healing energy which immediately made me feel comfortable. The key is to recognize the piety of these sessions and what it represents and reach out with pure intent. She pours her heart into supporting your healing and growth. I have become happier, healthier, and much more focused since I have been working with Joanna. What an amazing therapist. A beautiful soul, indeed. A talent so unique deserves to be cherished.

Chris V
I am a practicing massage therapist and practitioner of Chinese medicine in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. I have been in practice since 1995 specializing in pain treatment. After receiving massage from Joanna I quickly realized her skill level as a healer. I have taught therapists in massage and aspects of TCM through the years. This has taught me that there are those who copy and repeat information and there are those few who have the ability to express this as their own healing art. Joanna is that rare latter therapist. If you seek assistance in reducing stress or are dealing with chronic pain, you're in good hands.

Sherry F
I worked closely with Joanna for 5 years. She led the build team for our Burning man camp. She was able to eloquently manage a team of 25 people and kept everyone inspired and ready to go each day. As structures were erected and interiors decorated, esteems and attitudes were kept high, and it was always completed on time and with great success. I now consider her family, connected for 10 years, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Manny T
Joanna worked closely with my restaurant providing vegan, gluten free sustainable desserts. I loved them, and so did our patrons! Such a flexible chef and fun to work with. She does her best to please all palates so all can enjoy her creations 

Larry K
Joanna offers a high class and professional service. A life saver during these high anxiety stressful times, A joyful heart, beautiful smile and warm energetic touch. Highly recommend.

Ford T
I cannot say anything that hasn't been stated by others. Joanna is a healing angel and wonderful spirit such as those in the mold of epic tales. Every moment is pure bliss and shes is an amazing massage therapist and healer. I look forward to forging a lasting bond of healing to help me on my journey.

Iris P
I do not know where to begin. To start, I did not seek out Joanna, if anything I was called to this moment. The moment I read her website and understood her mission in life I knew she would be the one to work with my desires to freely express my wants unapologetically and to reopen my heart so that I may connect again to people deeper than I have allowed due to divorce and a year of trying to figure it all out on my own in the consciousness world. Joanna was so sweet from the moment she responded to my online form. I am floored by her wealth of knowledge, beauty inside and out, and what I can only assume is years of experience. I was so nervous to begin! We talked for what felt like hours about my struggles, my desires, and my reasons for being here and my story. I felt so free to express, so free to let out all the things I keep from others. Joanna listened, she provided insights, advice, and affirmed my feelings. She clearly explained the process to me since I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It's too soon to know what effects will be long lasting after the 3 hours immersion session I did with her, but what I do know is for every moment of that time I felt loved, respected, appreciated, and basically the best I ever have in my life from what I can remember up to this point of 32 years. Because of Joanna, I know what is possible to feel not only for myself, but what is possible to receive from others in this life. I am never settling for anything less than what I am valued ever again. Thank you Joanna, for the gift of your powerful feminine energy.

Ona T
I had the pleasure of booking a deep tissue and cupping massage with Joanna. Last week I had a sports injury and knew Joanna was the perfect woman for my back. As a fellow deep tissue massage therapist, I was delighted with the confirmation that Joanna can in fact dig in deep if you want her to. Additionally, she was knowledgeable of the body's anatomy and how all our muscles/fascia/skeletal systems link together as an interwoven web. She then performed cupping on me, a Chinese holistic healing method that helps move Qi and stagnancy within the body. She as caring, attentive, well informed, and the end result was that my body definitely responded to the physical therapy. I would definitely recommend Joanna!

Sharon R
I owe this testimony for over a month, but better late than never. My experience with Joanna was completely from outer space. The most amazing thing is how she is able to help you disconnect and let yourself be involved in the moment, she really gave me a gift of pure bliss. Thank you Joanna! 

Gigi C
Joanna is a loving and caring soul who disarms you with kindness instantly. With Joanna, you know you are accepted, loved and affirmed as you are. She is a wonderful healer!! 

Laura M
The session and Joanna were absolutely perfect! Exactly what I was hoping for. She was so sensitive and tender and created an environment where I felt completely safe and beautiful. She was thorough and guided me through an incredible session! I guarantee that you will not be disappointed having Joanna as your therapist! 

Carly G
After learning about transformational healing and tantra through my own experience with public workshops, I was curious about receiving a guide to go deeper with my training. Joanna is absolutely incredible. You cannot rush this, 2 hours should be your minimum! We started with talking about setting intentions and moved into meditation and breath work, the time sent me into  outer space and she was the perfect guide, offering support, care and the wisdom to help me land safely back to earth. It was better than I expected and she reiterated to me how important self growth can be for our souls. I definitely recommend working with her.

Rebecca W
Joanna is a kind nurturing therapist who creates a safe space for you. As a woman, we often neglect ourselves trying to be strong. Having the opportunity to allow another woman care for you, creates a safe and loving experience that we all need more of!

Brea L
Ladies, treat yourself! Joanna is kind, intuitive, open hearted and minded. You will never feel safer or freer than when she's working on you! Trust me, try it!

David P
Joanna is so awesome. She is the real deal. She was intuitive and open hearted. I would go out of my way to receive a session from her any time. I literally cannot say enough words to paint an accurate picture of how special she is, and how she shows you that you are. You will not regret working with her.

Mike N
I found Joanna last summer and have been lucky enough to have regular sessions ever since. It is a day I look forward to! She is attentive, strong and soft, and fun! Whatever she does, I leave feeling incredible, surreal! 

Dan G
I thought I had long known what the best of the best felt like, until I met Joanna. The remarkable gift of a three hour immersion session was clearly a most wonderful and amazing experience. Words cannot explain, you must find out for yourself.

James B
A session with Joanna took me far away from everyday cares and allowed me to feel very special. Her aura radiates peace and her touch embodies love. It was an honor to be healed in this profound way. 

Steven R
The guided and peaceful journey was simply awesome! Weaving breath, touch, and thoughtful questions about what I was looking for held the container. I can still feel the moments of truth we uncovered. I leave our sessions feeling peaceful and excited, all at the same time. I imagine this is what dolphins feel like playing gracefully in the waves.

Gregory L
This experience is in a league of its own. I seriously encourage you to commit to healing with Ritual Metta. After 6 or 7 immersions I truly came to know and respect the true celestial awakening within myself, and will never look back. Like WOW. It's indescribable. Never before had I understood such TLC. A real gem to discover in these sessions and in yourself. 

Charlie C
I travel from the east coast to visit Joanna. The sessions are grounding and intuitive. Physically and energetically, you are taken care of. The massage is deep and skillful. The sessions are framed and held in immaculate space, allowing you to focus on your intentions for healing. If you're looking for a transformative healing experience, you'll want to see Joanna. 

Erika K
My first session with Joanna was a video healing and coaching call. Since then we have done several video sessions, 2 hour and 4 hour healing immersions, we are planning an overnight immersion soon. She is so understanding and supportive of what it is like to question your sexual fluidity. Growing up I thought you were just gay or straight. I was married for 20 years and it never came up for me. Since my divorce, I've learned so much about myself. Joanna helps me understand who I am and what I deserve. I am a Mother of three. I have been near death 2 hours to live with multiple surgeries. Recently I lost my Father. I am a living miracle and I've made it through. I suffer PTSD and the more I heal, the more I discover. I am 29 years sober, and I have earned the right to put myself first. Joanna helps me a lot and I am so grateful for our ongoing coaching and healing the past year and what more is to come. A true blessing. 

Bill Smith
Joanna is a compassionate human with a heart of gold and the presence of an angel. I have worked with her for almost three years and have had several day long sessions with her. She asks a lot of intuitive questions, getting session to session shifted focus on guidance of how to show up for myself, my wife and my marriage as I set the new foundation for the rest of my life and how I want to live it. The bodywork and healing is incredible. She knows exactly what's needed and where to focus. Joanna has given me the best healing of my life. So grateful to have found her, I was blown away how much wisdom could be aligned from a healer in their 30s to a client in their 70s, she never ceases to amaze me!

Dakarai M
If you're tired of the fakes all around town, go to Ritual Metta. She will listen to your body and meet you wherever you are: nutrition, spirituality, esoteric knowledge, personal experience, are some of the topics we explore. And in any session, I've neve met with any walls or barriers except those of my own. Learning that has been a huge key toward unlocking my true potential. She helped me to see what I could not and provided information on how to guide myself there with ease. 
Working with you the past couple years has helped create massive shifts in my approach to reality!

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