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All sessions may be booked a la carte, as part of a package, or a flat rate arrangement.
These are just examples. Every session is totally unique and curated to you as we progress on your path.


This is perfect for athletes and hard workers. You have some chronic injury or repetitive trauma from years of using your body to its limit, we can address that. Whether from physical activity or sedentary sitting, you've got knots! This session will focus on deep tissue, MFR, stretching, and opening the passageways for healing and recovery. May implement: bodywork, vibration, cupping, heat and ice etc.


This is perfect for an unwind and reset. With a light to medium touch, and focus on effleurage, breath and serenity. This session is geared for people needing to let go. You will be swept away to paradise with sounds, smells and affirmations of trust and love. Incorporated with energy healing, sound, oils, heat etc.

Deep Emotional Calibration

This is a session meant for ongoing care. We will do verbal emotional processing, intention setting, and body and energy work to start the process of rewriting your script, letting go of your old story and stepping into your truth. This will have cyclical flow of soft but deep healing, harder MFR and extraction and profound energy shifts. This session is about surrender. We will use all that is available to us and be in flow with what comes up.

Ethereal and Quantum Accessing

This is for tapping into the parts of you beyond your body. Healing and clearing your astral and ethereal fields, accessing your angels and records, healing timelines and calling in your divine truth.  This session will be profound, in any facet. Cathartic, deep, difficult, revering, all will be revealed as we go. You must trust the process, and be willing to put in the work post session.

Coaching and Goal Setting

This session is meant for ongoing care. We will set goals just out of your comfort zone for manageable growth. We will do verbal coaching with the possibility to integrate hands on healing as well. We will do energy work and meditation focused on your blockages and intentions, and give you homework on how to facilitate that into your life and relationships.

Self Exorcism and Deep Alignment

This is for a true life shift. This session is meant for ongoing care. This is the moment you realize that you are the medicine, you are your own shaman. We will do deep work here, you release old patterns, it may be messy. You will be held in a safe and focused container. I will use baths, meditation, breathwork, energy healing, MFR, verbal processing, sounds and vibration. This is a life change session, and it must be taken seriously. Clients feedback is 3-12 months of profound life shifts after each session. Several closely booked is preferred for total integration (once every 3-6 weeks for 2-5 sessions)

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