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All retreats available in 5hr or overnight experiences, for 1 person or small groups. Depending on the needs of the client, can add in additional facilitators and healers for the most optimum experience.


Keeping our focus on the physical and movement. Posture biomechanics, exercises, hiking, ice baths, hot soaks, breathwork, myofascial release and pain management. Education of selfcare, nutrition, anatomy, movement. Possibility of outings to the ocean, and other locations for activities and exercise.


Incorporating some of what's listed in the fitness retreat, we will add more focus on breath, mental clarity, meditation, nutrition. We will have the option to add medical IV treatments and wellness shots. You will be fed amazing food and drinks and provided with tinctures and oils for specified needs and ongoing care.


You're ready to go deep. Recalibrate and transmute whatever's stuck inside of you that's holding you back. Transformative coaching, quantum healing, profound adjustments, exorcisms of the past trapping you in old patterns, and the invitation to step into your divine power. Intention setting in a deep ceremonial experience, but you are the plant, and you are the shaman. Follow up coaching and integration is included in this retreat.


For intimate or larger groups - an all inclusive experience like no other. Come stay the night on a ranch. We will have workshops, hiking, meals, accommodations, guest speakers and more. These retreats are curated to each group in regard to what will be taught/focused on.

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