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Fitness Workshops and Training

Integration of Posture, Breath, Mindfulness and Expanding past your limits


Group Fitness Instruction

There is a big difference between just moving your body, and learning how and why to correct form and reduce chances of pain and injury. My classes begin with an introduction to your muscles, slowing down movements to understand function, and then putting it all together for a full throttle full body workout. We incorporate breath, movement, activation, isolation and intention together to get more out of your movement.

One on One Postural Integrity 

I work with you in private sessions (up to three people) to investigate any compensation and dysfunction in your body. We create together a fitness plan that will push you beyond your current limit while also helping you be reintrocuded to proper activation and execution of movement. Intitial sessions must be done in person, after that you can continue on your own, with online instruction, or in person. We will have periodic check ins to ensure you maintain form. 1-3 month fitness plans.


Fit Spa Workshop

Fit Spa is a several hour integration of your body, mind and soul. We begin with a 45-1hr workout of a combination of HIIT/calisthenics/multi plane movements to get you really awakened and dropped into you body. After that we move into breathwork and guided meditation with sounds and frequencies to align you to deep healing. When that's all done we move into the bonus round, Sauna and Ice bath. The ice bath is guided with breathwork and accompanied by sound and positive motivation to help you deeply reset your nervous system to recognize the amazing healing benefits of the cold exposure.

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