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Curating luscious experiences for your event or group



We are in a socializing revolution. Alternative beverages, vendors, food and much more accompanying the bar and the dance floor. VibeSpa is at your service to bring a sensory experience to your event, party, yacht, cruise, warehouse, festival and beyond. We think it is a valuable and vital choice to integrate celebrations with intentional offerings. With a background in harm reduction, sanctuary spaces, mental health, chill lounges, spa management, workshops and events; you are guaranteed to have a full sensory service provided for you and your patrons.


What's the deal?

We set up at your event for 3-4 hours.

1-3 Practitioners
1 or 2 chairs (possible for table also)
Organic oil and essential oils
Sound frequency tools
Vibration tools
Hot and Cold Towels

Ambient Lighting, smells and sounds


The Experience

We offer 5 and 10 minute chair massage for your patrons. 

You may choose to acquire us outright for a flat fee at no cost to your guests.

You may choose to reserve our services in collaboration with your event and we offer this service to your guests at a sliding scale average of $2 a minute as well as agreed upon contract.

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