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Who do I work with?

My "niche" is human beings. Specifically, people ready to commit to their growth. If you have tried multiple healers and are still finding yourself stuck in pain, it's usually because you aren't addressing yourself as a whole. Most importantly, does your success and "strength" come from scarcity, trauma and lack? This is a sure fire explanation for struggle. Are you a "leader" because you had to fend for yourself or family members growing up? Are you overly loving and caring but don't seem to receive that back from others? Do you want to be healthy and strong but can't maintain your fitness goals? Do you find yourself in repeating patterns of success and failure and notice making the same choices? Do you seem to injury the same parts of your body many times in your life? If you're ready to align to your destined path, and step off of the current one you find struggles on, then you are ready to receive!

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