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What kind of results can I get?

This is different for everyone and where they are on their paths. I've helped people eliminate panic attacks from their lives. Helped move pain and blocks they've had for years out in one session. People have had big emotional releases of trauma letting go of crying and purging that may last through the session or days following. It is very common for people to explain a hallucinogenic/spiritual type experience normally connected to plant medicines. You may become more intuitive and aligned with your guides. You will have a grounded and integrative awareness of what we are doing, and how to continually apply it to your life, unlike having intense psychedelic sessions that leave you confused or overwhelmed, or prolonged talk therapy or relaxation massage that just move those tiny fragments from the surface but don't excavate and clear the real issues. In reality, it is different for everyone, and however you show up to participate and utilize will determine the depth and vastness of your results.

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