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What is worthiness facilitation?

Worthiness Facilitation is the name I gave to my process and procedure. After many years of trying to explain why this is more than a massage, or more than reiki, I created the category. This is to help you undo all the non consensual programming in your life, to help you access the parts of you that thrive and let go of any traumas and toxicity attached. This is to help you go "who am I" "what do I deserve" "what do I want" "how do I get it". My healing and training journey of the past 15 years included extensive silence meditations, fasting, celibacy, restricted diets, scriptures and studies, and apprenticing with many masters in many trades. I don't want it to take 15 years for you, or 5, or 2. I spent a year extremely focused determining what methods I believe work best to help us rewire our nervous systems, move adhesions from our tissues, and liberate our souls back to their full potential. It is a continuing process as we wake up every day with the opportunity to continue to move forward, or fall back into habits. It is up to you! I'm here to bulldoze the old delapidated building, set the new foundation, and support you while you build your new empire of love.

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